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Exchange Rates – How Much Is Your Money Worth In London?

UK pound symbol and globe

These exchange rates are not updated daily and are to provide an idea of the approximate exchange rate for the most popular currencies. Divide the amount of money you have by the figure in the left column to determine how many British pounds you have. British Pound▲ 1.00 GBP▲▼ Argentine Peso 8.57 Australian Dollar 1.72…

How To Travel Around London On The Tube

London underground - central

The Tube (the underground train network) in London connects most parts of London together very efficiently. If you have a long distance to travel it is certainly the cheapest and often the fastest way to travel. However, do not forget London’s buses, as the bus network is equally good and you can often reach your…

Prepare and Plan Your Trip To London

plane tickets and passport

London Check List If you are planning a trip to London then this list will help you along the way. Here we cover everything from your arrival at the airport, accommodation, finding a school, sightseeing, getting around London on buses and the tube and some important advice about luggage. Flights To London So many airlines…