How To Travel Around London On The Tube

Colours of the Tube Lines

Colours of the Tube Lines

The Tube (the underground train network) in London connects most parts of London together very efficiently. If you have a long distance to travel it is certainly the cheapest and often the fastest way to travel. However, do not forget London’s buses, as the bus network is equally good and you can often reach your destination faster by bus. London’s black cabs (taxis) are also very good and can work out cheap when travelling as a group. We shall investigate buses and taxis on another page later.

Full London Tube Map – All Zones

The London tube covers 6 “zones”, with zone 1 being central London, and then the outer zones from 2-6 extending into the mostly residential areas.

London underground - all zones

London underground – all zones

London Underground – Central

This is the area where all the main tourist attractions, museums, restaurants, bars and many English schools are. Many tourists never leave zone 1.

London underground - central

London Underground – Central

Important Information About the Map

The London Underground map is not drawn to scale and it is sometimes quicker to walk than get the tube. The classic mistake that tourists make is catching a tube from Leicester Square (on the Northern and Piccadilly lines) to go to Covent Garden (on the Piccadilly line),

In the City another common mistake is trying to take a tube from Bank (the station next to the Bank of England) and Monument – it is only a short walk between the two stations and faster to travel on foot above ground.

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