5 Hidden Gems in London

Camden Passage

Camden Passage

The Most Fun & Offbeat Places to Take That Special Someone

You may think that you know all of the hottest date spots in the city. Well, prepare to be educated!

We all know that London is full of things to see and do – but what happens when you’ve been to all of those well-known tourist attractions? Well, if you’ve just tried things like the London Eye and a riverboat cruise, then you’re barely distracting the surface of what the capital city has to offer. So if you’re planning a date or just exploring London and want to go somewhere quirky or surprising, then listen up! We’ve travelled all over the city to find you the five best date destinations. If you take that special someone to any of these places, they’re sure to be impressed.

The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

First up is a bar with a difference. The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town is one of East London’s best kept secrets. You’ll find it near Liverpool Street Station, where you have to enter through a fridge door. Once inside, you’ll find a tiny bar with a huge selection of cocktails and a pretty impressive food menu. Bookings are a no-no, so make sure you get there before it fills up! You’ll certainly be the coolest cat in town if you take a date here.

Lower Marsh

If you like a romantic stroll along the Southbank, then taking a detour to explore Lower Marsh is a great date idea. It’s a place full of shops, theatres and restaurants – perfect if you want to take your date to see a play and then treat them to dinner. There’s also a great Saturday food market that’s a quieter and more intimate affair than the nearby Borough. So it’s an area perfect for culture vultures and foodies alike!

Wilton’s Music Hall

Wilton’s Music Hall is a stunning window into London’s vibrant past. Once a place where the hottest names in the Victorian entertainment industry would perform, it’s now been lovingly restored to its former glory while retaining a certain shabby charm. In the day you are able to explore the venue via a guided tour and at night you’ll find all kinds of exciting events showcasing the best of London’s performing talent.

Camden Passage

If an afternoon strolling around some shops and having a bite to eat in a lovely little café is your idea of a great date, then Camden Passage is your ideal location. It’s tucked away behind Islington’s Upper Street, it boasts a large number of independent boutiques and vintage shops as well as one of the city’s best antiques markets.

The Narrow Boat

Our final hot date destination is the fantastic Narrow Boat pub. It’s a real hidden gem, tucked away alongside the beautiful Regent’s Canal. It’s actually the only pub along this stretch of water, so you’ll find no better place to take in those views. They have a great variety of ales on tap and they also serve amazing food – the burger menu is our favourite.

So now we’ve found you some of the best places in London to go for a date, there’s no excuse! Call up your crush and tell them that you are going to show them a side of the city that they have never seen before! If they’re as impressed as we think they will be, then you’ll be planning a second date in no time at all. And if you are travelling to London alone, don’t worry, a quick phone call to one of London’s respected agencies will arrange the perfect partner to help you explore everything London has to offer.

Camden Passage photo by Garry Knight.

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